Author: Global Disinfection Systems

Benefits of Disinfecting with Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Bleach

Hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite, commercially available as bleach, are two common disinfectants available in the market. Both these products have their differences, which often dictate their most suitable applications. To help you choose the right product between the two, we’ve highlighted their unique properties, applications, advantages, and everything in

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Disinfecting and Sanitizing Youth Camps this Summer

As parents prepare their kids to enjoy this year’s summer camps, it’s evident that a lot has changed from the previous summer. As a result, not only will the camp organizers need to prioritize the health and safety of all the attendees, but they will also need to stick to all

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High school students at school, wearing N95 Face masks. Sitting in a classroom.

Large Scale Disinfection of Schools and Learning Institutions

Ensuring the safety of students and staff in every learning institution requires effective cleaning and disinfection of the countless spaces – from classrooms and gymnasiums to bathrooms and sleeping cubicles. Routine cleaning and disinfection of all these areas can help kill germs and other deadly pathogens, reducing the chances of

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