Use Your American Rescue Plan Funds with GDS​

Much like the CARES Act of March 2020 and the COVID Relief Package of December 2020, the American Rescue Plan, passed by Congress in March 2021, provides money to help safely reopen schools in the US. 

These funds, as part of Title I educational funding, are distributed over K-12 schools, higher education, and state education funds. A portion of these funds require districts to make a plan for a safe return to in-person learning. According to the CDC, considerations for schools should include:

  1. Promoting behaviors that reduce COVID-19’s spread

  2. Maintaining healthy environments (<- this is where we help!)

  3. Maintaining healthy operations

  4. Preparing for when someone gets sick

If you have access to these funds, Global Disinfection  Systems can help you maintain a hospital-level of cleanliness with a safe, non-toxic product. The Halo Disinfection System®:

  • Reaches all surfaces in your space, ensuring every nook is clean and free of viruses.

  • Is cost-effective, requiring no outside labor to use, saving money over traditional cleaning services.

  • Is convenient, and can be used on your schedule, including for regular disinfecting and in emergency exposure situations.

The CDC recommends schools clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces (e.g., playground equipment, door handles, sink handles, drinking fountains) within the school and on school buses regularly. Global Disinfection Systems can help ensure you have the right equipment to meet and exceed these recommendations, keeping your faculty, staff, students, and parents healthy.

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