Where to Use

Schools & Universities

Effectively treat classrooms, locker rooms, weight rooms, gymnasiums, bathrooms, computer labs and even large lecture halls and auditoriums.


Powerfully disinfect pathogens in daycare spaces, including toys, books, utensils, play areas, bathrooms, and other surfaces.
Daycare kindergarten

Business Offices

Keep offices, cubicles, conference rooms, break rooms, kitchen space, and other office common areas free of harmful germs.


Medical Facilities

Protect patients, healthcare workers, residents, and visitors in doctor’s offices, hospitals, veterinary offices, and assisted care facilities.

Medical Facility


Safely clean fitness equipment, check-in areas, exercise rooms, bathrooms, and other spaces in gyms and athletic facilities.
Modern fitness center gym


Effortlessly treat public and private transport vehicles, including buses, trains, airplanes, subways, taxis, and ride-sharing services.
Train interior

Warehouses and Large Spaces

Spaces of any size, including warehouses, storage areas, and large spaces, can benefit by eliminating the heavy labor traditionally needed to clean surfaces without compromising effectiveness, regardless of whether the space is full.

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